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Cane Corso Association of America - useful breed information -
Cheap dog stuff great for toys, bows, etc -
Great place for cheap toys, collars, leashes, and anything else -
Flea, tick, and heartworm without going broke and w/o a prescription, get Advocate -

Training in the Athens Area - Comprehensive Pet Training, Lawrenceville Kennel Club
Ear cuts in S. Athens - Dennis Vet in Conyers, GA

Dog and Children - required reading for anyone buying a Corso or any other large dog who has children
Power of Nutrition - good information regarding nutrition for growing dogs and relevant information to large breed dogs and my own personal experience as they relate to the Cane Corsos.
Puppy Stages - explains the stages puppies go through from day 1 and how it pertains to Cane Corso puppies.



Dog Link stuff....

The Puppy Dog A fun and friendly guide to puppy care for new puppy owners everywhere.  Packed with information, tips and advice on choosing a puppy, puppy names, feeding, grooming, health, training, behavior and much more. Tons of fun puppy stuff too!

Dog Obedience Training Advice - useful info on behavior issues with puppies and dogs of many types of breeds

PuppyDogWeb - Dedicated to puppies and dogs with puppies for sale, photos and breed profiles.

Cane Corsos - Puppies for sale from Pets for you - Your Ultimate Resource for Dogs, Cats and Horses

AAA Pets offers information about puppies, kittenspet suppliesdog trainingpet adsCane Corso puppies for sale, and more pet related information.

Mastiff Webring (by Terrific PetsDogsCatsHorses)

Great Links:
Mastiffs for sale 
Mastiff breeders
Pet Tags 
Dog Shirts


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Cool K9 Websites!


Cane Corso Puppies 
Puppies in Georgia

Puppies for SaleDogs for Sale,Dog BreedersStud DogsDog Supplies


Mammoth Outlet Dog Beds - Superior quality orthopedic large dog beds and designer dog beds at discount prices recommended by vets and breeders for over a decade. Visit the online dog bed outlet.

Dog, Dogs, Canine Wonderland! - Discover all you could ever want to know about dogs, get lots of free dog stuff, and interact with dog owners from around the world in our informative dog forums at!

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