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Cane Corso Puppies

Cane Corso Mastiff Karma

1 Young Adult Female available

NO PUPPIES anytime soon due to 2 legged baby


~We have Cane Corso puppies generally twice a year 

~Order of picking a puppy is based on quality desired (pet, breeding, or pick) and then order of arrival of deposit.  

~Deposits are $500 non-refundable

~Litter timelines are subject to change

~Payment is due when puppy is 6 weeks old

~Females are recommended for families with small kids and first time buyers

Some of the best things in life are small... and then grow really fast into a big, cool Cane Corso

Did you know Corsos and Neos use to be the same dog?

Sovrana's Lulu (Alcor's Fossil x Sovrana's Karma)

Lulu is a 105 lb chestnut brindle female with ears intact.  She is 20 months old, has never had puppies.  She has a short muzzle, wide chest, good muscle, big rear, and good movement.  

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