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Many puppies have already been placed in very happy homes and some even have more than one Sovrana Cane Corso dog now!  See some of the happy families below!  We love to keep in touch with the owners and see how the puppies are doing with their families. 


Ruby x Epitome - My husband and I got our first Cane Corso puppy from Sovrana. Stephanie, the breeder, was truly wonderful! She was always prompt in answering any questions we had and really took the time to educate us on the breed before we got our puppy in order to make sure we were a good match. She gave us several training tips and even after we got the puppy she still followed up with us to see how we were doing and to answer any further questions for us. She gave us a comprehensive packet with tips such as what the best food for them was and how much they needed to be fed. This packet had everything you could ever want to know about keeping your puppy healthy and happy. When we got our new puppy she was really great. She had the best temperament and was so smart. She learned sit, lay, and shake all in a matter of 3 days! She was great with our other dog and two cats. She is gentle and loving with us. She is always ready to greet us at the door when we get home, go on long walks in the evening, go on a car ride, or just lay on the sofa and watch movies with us. She is great around other dogs and people and is so loyal to us. We got more than a pet from Sovrana. We got a new family member. My husband and I were so happy with our experience at Sovrana. I would strongly recommend Sovrana to anyone looking to get a cane corso.  - Shauna in Florida

I purchased my puppy in November, and he is a beautiful, reverse red brindle.I talked with Stephanie for several weeks before purchasing him, and she was very knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of the transaction.  He was very healthy, and most certainly 100% Corso,the Italian lines being very visible in his breeding.After making the decision to purchase Hurlee Stephanie delivered him to me and he has been a true delight.He is more people oriented than dog, although he is all Corso as he does not like anyone outside of the family, but he wouldn't be a Corso if he loved everybody!I would and probably will, do business with Stephanie in the future, purchasing Hurlee has been a true joy, he's a wonderfuld dog, and Stephanie was a delight to do business with. - Kimberly

Teddy x Sabbath and Carmela x Briley - I would strongly recommend Ms.Smiegowski of (sovranacanecorso)if one is looking for first information on this wonderful breed and second to purchase out of her choice of dogs. I currenttly have a soon to be 5 moth female corso that a purchased back in March of 08, but prior to my purchase I asked Ms. Smiegowski back in November of 07 could she guide me to some good websites or books on the breed she did both first recommending this website and second directed to me a book on the breed. My wife and myself have been so happy with our puppy that we are purshsing another in July form Sovranacanecorso so our Rhemy can have a playmate.She has been very playful and chilled around company she turns heads every weekend at the dog park!!! Please feel free to contact me for further information. - Eric and Brandy 

Carmela x Sabbath "..I can't be happier with his temperament, intelligence and beautiful looks. He has a very cool color with elegant black mask, and chestnut bridle mix of black, golden and silver. We are seeing a vet for the second time for vaccination (Vanguard 7 in 1) in 2 weeks. We also started him on  Heartguard (vet gave it instead of Interceptor) and Frontline. The potty training is going great. He already almost never has accidents. We love him and he loves us so much. Thanks for getting us a new family member, a guard and a great friend!.." - Max in Chicago


Ruby x Epitome - Found Stephanie's web site contacted her thru e-mail and telephone. She was very informative about the litter that we were interested in because chopper has the same b-day as my wife. Stephanine kept in contact with us about the litter until chopper was ready to go home. My wife and I drove down to Georgia to get chopper. When we got there Stephanie was welcoming and showed us the house and yard where the dogs stayed and all the clean conditions. All those dogs that she breeds have a very beautiful home. I would definitly purchase another dog from Stephanine and day of the week. So you might be seeing a soon. And as far as chopper hes a big moose very playful with my girls and very protective of the house and yard. - Jen with Chopper in CT



We are doing good here.   Winston is doing great.  He is up to 86 pounds now and is starting to look like a dog instead of a puppy.  He is really beautiful and good with the kiddos.  He has a great tempermant. 

Jeff, Crystal, furry baby, and soon to be real baby!


Anshelm  x Sabbath - I bought a puppy from Stephanie last August. He's from Anshelm di Savrana and Alcor's Sabbath di Sovrana. My dog is wonderful. His temperment is fantastic. He's great with other dogs, adults and children. He's now almost 13 months and about 105lbs. He is extremely intelligent and unbelieveably loveable, and so far no health problems. He thinks he's a lap dog sometimes. I would definately buy another dog from her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone. She is also very knowledgeable about this breed and dogs in general. Whenever I had a question or just wanted to run something by her she would always offer advice. She's a very careing and serious individual who loves and cares about her dogs and I feel would do anything to insure thats what her dogs continue to get when she places them.

"Sovrana Bella Rose of Italy is one of the most beautiful Cane Corso I have ever seen.  Her coat is so black and slick that she she looks like an otter.  She is solid black which makes her golden brown eyes shine.  Many of our friend say she reminds them of a black panther.

Bella Rose completed puppy class and level one class with honors.  She  now attends  level two class weekly.  She is very smart and loves people.  We have plans to enroll in Epic Dog Training Center in the near future.  Im sure she will recieve her CGC without any problems. Sovrana Bella Rose of Italy is a great companion and exceeds in her role in guarding our home and ranch. She is very loving and cant wait to sit on the couch and snuggle with me and her best friend Lord Maximillion, our 200 lb English Mastiff.

We hope in the future to be the proud owners of an additional Cane Corso.  It will of course be A Sovrana Cane Corso.

Thank you Stephanie for such a perfect companion.  Not only are they smart , healthy and loving ,  they are beautiful as well.  What else could you ask for?

Thank you again Sovrana  for our Sovrana Bella Rose of Italy!"


Cindy,  Max  and Bella Rose

Desmona x Soze - Ashley, Joe, the kids, and the 2 furry Sovrana kids... Enzo at 7 mo, Ronin at 10 mo, and Enzo at 8 weeks.


"Sully has been the best dog we have ever had. People we visit always go nuts for how beautiful he is, we have told several people about your site who were interested in the breed.  I am attaching 3 pix we thought were the most beautiful."
Talk to you soon,
Amy and Paddy
Sullivan at 12 months old.


She doing very good! I love her so much! I am so happy that I pick the purple
puppy.  She is getting sooo big!! She is getting her ears cut on Aug 14. I am
so excited! The other day my boyfriend and I went to the lake and we brought
persya and his dog (Nyah) to play fetch. I was excited that day I found out
that persya swims.
                            It was nice hearing from you!


"We love her!! She is beautiful and perfect with us!! She is so gentle and great with the children.  She is already very loyal to my son, Mikey.  He is the main walker.   We named her Zoe Bella Harmon!!" - Lee Ann in PA


Teddy x Epitome "Getting this wonderful dog was an easy experience.  This breeder was
always available when I called with questions.  She is still here for
me when I need her.  I recently had training issues and she help to
solve the problem.  Thank Stephanie." - Rebecca and Logan and kids

 Cali has since been championed in the AKC!

"They are all so well mannered. I wanted to get your email so that
I could talk to you first hand and tell you how happy Kent and I are
with our baby girl.  She has the absolute best temperment and  is
excellent with our kids. Her and my 2 year old are inseparable. I am
sure that you will not have a problem recognizing which dog is Sophia.
She looks like her daddy. Again, we are sooo happy to have Sophia in our
home.  She is a very healthy eater and starting to be a lot more active.
She used to sleep a lot but is very playful now. She is approximately
65lbs. And growing!! Thank you again for our gift." - Stephanie in NY with an Anshelm daughter and Carmela x Sabbath daughter

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